The Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle program is not a “Theory”. It is an implementation system that provides the Doctor with step-by step guidance to paypal to bitcoin mapping, creating, and launching profitable online virtual products or membership sites.


 The Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle is the brainchild of Dr. Ed Osburn. Out of pure necessity and desire to establish an online presence and extremely lucrative business—Ed rocketed to the very TOP of the Chiropractic profession’s most notable and distinguished contributors.

Honoured in 2015 as an Icon, Maverick and Genius by The Chiropractic Leadership, Ed is determined to bring the light of Chiropractic to the globe by training Doctors to EXPAND outside their four walls and into the online world.

First launching the Chiropractic profession’s #1 iTunes podcast (The Chiropractic Philanthropist), launching a smashing successful virtual podcast training for Chiropractors (TCP Podcast Training), and establishing an online training Academy (TCP Academy) consisting of over 500 students…Ed has dedicated his efforts to assist others to achieve similar RESULTS in the online world.

Practice can be anything you DREAM it to BE Doctor…and SUCCESS does not have to come at the expense of your quality of life.



The Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle program, in addition to ETHOS Chiropractic Growth System, is a winning combination.

Not only do you have the tools and tactics to launch a profitable online stream of income at your fingertips…but you are all but assured to have every resource available to have more money and patients rolling in your doors.

Frankly, the only way you can by simply not joining the Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle community.

  • Podcast Training 90% 90%
  • Online Business Launch 95% 95%
  • Social media Marketing 90% 90%
  • Practice Growth 90% 90%


Started 4 weeks ago and followed the video trainings, implemented the 4 action steps each week, and the new patients doubled. Very happy!

Dr. Steven Crump


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I hear it all the time form Chiropractors. In fact, I’ve been there before…trading QUALITY of life for SUCCESS.
Hustle and Grind in business and if you are lucky you will make ‘it’—the high volume practitioner.
What the high volume GURUS won’t tell you is that the strife for new patients and constant pressure of
high overhead never ends.
It is exhausting.
It does not have to be. Practice can be anything that you DREAM.
Start dreaming again…The Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle is your path to low overhead, low liability, high profit, low stress
6-figure SUCCESS.

Podcasting – Social Media – Video Marketing – Profitable Online Membership Launch


Building a loyal following & audience, creating profitable online virtual products and membership sites, marketing and sustaining a multiple 5 figure per month online business.


More and more Chiropractors are coming to the realization that they are the catalyzing agent in their office. The Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle Mentoring Experience will guide you to clarity and liberation as we augment your business with a profitable “laptop life”.



Identifying Your Niche

Marketing Personality

Finding Your Audience +
Building a Following


Mapping a Profitable Online Business

Product - Service - Delivery

Finding Your Audience +
Building a Following

Funnel & Membership

Lead Acquisition and Social Media marketing

Webinar Development / Marketing + Sales.


The Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle experience and ETHOS Chiropractic Growth System were created to take the Chiropractor from where they currently are…to where they want to be. Many Chiropractors have been told that SUCCESS comes only when you fulfill the values, goals, and inspiration of others—losing themselves in the process. 

This serves only to diminish you inspired purpose in this LIFE. What are you willing to do to CREATE the LIFE you have envisioned? Schedule a time to APPLY for The Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle experience…now.


90 Days of Practice Training

Start Making Money Online TODAY and Serving without Sacrifice.

It’s really that simple…

The 10K Club

The 10K Club. Receive complete access to our program in a self-guided atmosphere to generate your first $10K online. You’ll create radical clarity on the specifics of your future online business, including WHAT to create and HOW to create and launch it.

This level of entry will answer the ‘What’ (What will you create), the ‘Who’ (Who will be your customer), the ‘How’ (How will you build it), and finally, the ‘Synchronicity’ (Strategy of a successful online launch).

The 10K Club Includes:

  • Access to the Laptop Lifestyle Genius Flow Academy and Online Trainings to guide you sherpa-style to your marketing genius and online product/service offer.
  • Unlimited entrance to the Digital Product Professional trainings and resources. You’ll get a solid roadmap for launching and framing your first (of many) online course offerings.
  • Full access to the solid 5 Star Coach Launch System. Group coaching and One to One mentoring has never been easier!
  • Trademarked Membership Mentor Program. You’ll get all the goods on the ‘The
    Secret’ to highly profitable recurring revenue.
  • Trademarked Membership Mentor Program. You’ll get all the goods on the ‘The Secret’ to highly profitable recurring revenue.
  • BONUS #1: The TCP Podcast Training v3.0. The Doctors’ #1 online training for launching a top rated Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher radio, GooglePlay and more. (value of $999.00)
  • BONUS #2: Ethos Practice Growth Blueprint. Imagine a 90 day virtual training focusing on 30 days of practice marketing, 30 days of procedures, and 30 days of systems and automation.
  • BONUS #3: The Mass Productivity Guide. A simple and effective productivity system for setting targets and outcomes. (value of $197.00)
  • BONUS #4: The Super & Simple Copywriting Training. Make all your copy convert with this 3 module online writing academy. (value of $297.00)
  • BONUS #5: GooRoo Live Marketing Mastery Academy. You’ll be live streaming valuable content and dropping offers in no time flat! (value of $497.00)


The 50K Club

The 50K Club. Be my protege! We’ll work together through the program in a guided group setting led by me. You’ll get direct coaching and guidance to fast-track your success. The 50K Club Includes all the benefits of the 10K Club and more:

  • Access to the Laptop Lifestyle Private Facebook Community for support, questions, and weekly additional marketing trainings.
  • Bi-monthly group coaching calls with Dr. Ed Osburn for 3 months. These live Discovery and Download sessions give you the opportunity to ask a question and get an answer!
  • Voxer Access! What is Voxer? It’s a 2-way walkie talkie app for mobile devices and you will be linked up to Dr. Ed Osburn for real time coaching. This is a co-creative as it gets – – send texts, audios, or assignments directly to Dr. Ed’s attention.
The 100K Club

The Inner Circle. If you’re already at six figures or above in your practice, the Inner Circle is for you. High performers receive concierge-level access, special trainings, exclusive events, and more.

The 100K Club Includes all the benefits of the 10K Club, 50K Club and more:

  • Direct access to Dr. Ed Osburn as you co-creatively build out your branding, audience, culture, funnel map, launch strategy on your Decade in a Day 1 hour mentoring up session.
  • Decade in a Day online business frame and recording sent to you for your business
  • 3 live quarterly intensive session with Dr. Ed for accountability, course correction, and up leveling your outcomes!
  • Value ladder creation and online service pricing guidance.
  • 90 Day online Business Metrics and 12 month target setting — and accountability.
  • Access to co-coaches Dr. Jason Richardson and Dr. Melissa Longo for instant guidance on branding, marketing, and mindset.
  • 2, two-day live experience Inner Circle Masterminds in beautiful Victoria BC Canada.
  • Resources galore. Entrance to Dr. Ed’s extensive online business resources and virtual assistants.
  • Monthly mini-mastermind calls with Dr. Ed Osburn. You are never left feeling stuck!
  • Access to the Inner Circle Vault with special online marketing trainings, tools, and value.
  • Weekly Fireside Chats featuring other Inner Circle family members as they drop value bombs of what is working in their online presence, marketing, and business.
  • Weekly Fire and Fuel ‘balance’ coaching live inside the exclusive Inner Circle Facebook community to mentor you to a ‘have it all’ lifestyle!
  • Inner Circle is a high level 12 month commitment to growth and abundance!

Monthly Mastermind Training Experience via interactive webinar – Q & A (Recorded and updated to member site)

Exclusive access to TCP Podcast Training
Online Program ($999 value)

Daily 4 Wealth Fundamentals for creating
positive change on a daily basis

Monthly Mastermind Training Experience via interactive webinar – Q & A (Recorded and updated to member site)

90 Day Level Up Challenge and support
(after 90 days training)

Daily 4 Wealth Fundamentals for creating
positive change on a daily basis

ETHOS & The Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle Group Mastermind Tuition starts at $199 per month.

Are you ready for the Laptop Lifestyle?
Contact us to schedule a time to APPLY to join the
Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle program.

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